MPOWR™ Tools

Share and Track Progress

IMPACT Phoenix uses a comprehensive, yet user-friendly, web-based platform for a wholistic and collaborative service delivery for individuals and families in distress.  The tool, called MPOWR™, can be used by an organization that provides only one specialized service to one that is trained to provide a comprehensive and wholistic assessment of the 15 critical areas of life in our person-centered transition plan model.  Other software solutions promote common measurement and goals, but not a collective action.  MPOWR™ makes Collective IMPACT possible by creating an environment where vision, knowledge, action plans and measurements are communicated and shared among collaborative partners in real time.

A complete assessment can be performed in one hour or less that identifies core life issues that need to be addressed.  Organization case managers, life planners, professional specialists or mentors and clients work together to identify appropriate goals and steps to attain positive outcomes.  All appropriate resources are then identified and linked to a common service plan that is capable of coordinating the efforts of government, social service, centers of faith, faith led organizations, and private resources to help individuals and families in distress to overcome barriers to success.  MPOWR™ ends up acting as a central nervous system for effective collaboration, helping multiple agencies share everything necessary to move the need and to create and achieve sustainable and scalable improvements to individual’s lives and outcomes.



IMPACT Phoenix uses a web-based tool called MPOWR™ to communicate with its collaborative partners. 

This tool allows community organizations to subscribe and share information as a group for access to an individual’s transition plan, goals, tasks and progress. 

It allows the partners to input their role in helping the individual work their transition plan and to document successful outcomes.