Benefits to Community

IMPACTING the Shape of Our Community

In the face of increasing needs and decreasing resources in human service delivery systems, IMPACT Phoenix collaborates and coordinates with agencies within a community to respond to the needs of individuals in distress so they may benefit from specialized human services already available in our community.  IMPACT Phoenix takes a person-centered, individualized, wholistic approach to guide individuals from distress to independence.  IMPACT Phoenix walks beside motivated individuals and families to show them the path to relief, independence and sustainability and promotes accountability in following the step-by-step plan to change their lives for today and their future.

The community benefits from these efforts by being able to:

  • Meet more individual, family and community needs.
  • Increase human service delivery system efficiencies reducing duplication of efforts and gaps in service.
  • Improve targeting of community resources toward individuals who are motivated to improve their situation.
  • Increase stability and reduce recidivism for their clients.
  • Track measurable and documented outcomes in the community to evaluate the return on investment (ROI).
  • Improve communication and collaboration among community agencies, government organizations, businesses, and faith communities.
  • Reduce community issues such as poverty, homelessness, truancy, crime, and other community issues at large.
  • Increase health of overall citizenry resulting in an improved living environment for all in our community.