Benefits to Individuals

Hope and Help Towards Transformation

IMPACT Phoenix is recognized as the “go to” resource for individuals who really want to change their lives through a coordinated, collaborative, person-centered transition plan with an organization they can TRUST, people who truly CARE and individuals who can HELP them transform their lives.  

A leading training and publishing company that provides services designed to improve people’s lives states that “individuals living in poverty are typically forced to focus on the immediacy of any number of problems.”  Simply put, because they are stuck in a cycle of solving today’s issues, they are unable to plan for tomorrow and the future.

Each recipient of services provided by IMPACT Phoenix will benefit from:

  • A clear and compassionate definition of their current situation.
  • A step-by-step plan of action with clearly identified roles and accountability to move forward.
  • A realistic ability to fully address core issues in their lives.
  • Increased access and coordination of appropriate community resources.
  • More efficient utilization of their time when seeking helpful resources and solutions.
  • Greater ability to meet their personal objectives and goals. 
  • Achievable steps that encourage and support continued success in the entire transition process.