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Community Services

Teaming to Achieve Community Success

IMPACT Phoenix is the first nonprofit in Phoenix to offer coordinated and collaborative assistance by pulling together community services to develop a person-centered transition plan that inspires hope and paves the path for life transformation to those we serve.  Each person seeking assistance from IMPACT Phoenix will have a workable plan, including real and appropriate resources to help them work their plan, and an expectation of accountability to complete their plan having a positive IMPACT within the community.

Additional services that IMPACT Phoenix can provide to the community include:

  • Asset inventorying, gap analysis and strategies to develop new resources to address community supported, person-centered programs.
  • Development and administration of education and training classes such as after school programs, financial literacy, effective parenting, etc that will benefit the individuals and families served.
  • Items distribution and coordination such as clothing, food, household items, furniture, and other identified needs that can be coordinated and or distributed through IMPACT Phoenix.
  • Volunteer and mentoring opportunities coordinated and monitored through IMPACT Phoenix for mentors, tutors, tradesmen, and other professional and non professional volunteers.