Collective IMPACT

Multi-Sector Partnering

Collective IMPACT occurs when organizations from different sectors agree to solve a specific social problem by focusing on a common goal and agenda. IMPACT Phoenix partners with a multi-sector group of collaborative partners to create and promote:

  1. A common agenda focused on helping individuals change their lives.
  2. Mutually reinforced activities that support the mission and vision.
  3. Clear communication among partners.
  4. A strong network of support organizations that provide services.
  5. Shared measurement system to document results.

​The IMPACT Phoenix approach has a distinct difference and contrast to often followed methods that can be disjointed, uncoordinated in the provision of services, lacking in accountability as well as follow through, and higher costs which results in less than effective outcomes.

Initial results of initiatives taken by IMPACT Phoenix suggest that substantially greater progress is made in alleviating many of our most serious and complex social problems if non-profits, governments, businesses, and the public join together around a common agenda to create Collective IMPACT.

By becoming a “Collaborative Partner” with IMPACT Phoenix, you can be part of making a large-scale social change from cross-sector coordination rather than from the isolated intervention of any single organization.  You join a team that aligns our efforts to maximize our resources and reduce the financial drain on any one of our organization for greater Collective IMPACT in the lives of those we are all trying to serve.

As a Collaborative Partner, you can expect outcomes that:

  • Increase our ability to meet individual, family and community needs.
  • Eliminate service duplications among our agencies and provides a more effective human resource delivery system.
  • Improve our targeting of community resources towards individuals who are motivated to change their lives.
  • Maximize our financial resources for improved outcomes.
  • Reduce community issues such as poverty, homelessness, truancy, crime, and other issues that tax the community at large.
  • Provide measurable and documented outcomes in the community in order to evaluate our return on investments (ROI).

IMPACT Phoenix uses the MPOWR™ software tool to support Collective IMPACT.  This powerful software solution creates an environment where vision, knowledge, action plans and measurements are communicated and shared among all collaborative partners in real time.