Our Mission, Vision and Values

Empowering Those We Serve

Our Mission at IMPACT Phoenix is to help those in need overcome personal challenges by empowering them to become self-sustaining.

Our Vision at IMPACT Phoenix is simple but powerful - to BRING HOPE and CHANGE LIVES.

Our Values at IMPACT Phoenix are crucial to the people we serve as well as our collaborative partners.  They must be able to trust us, need to know we truly care and can believe without a doubt that we can help. We achieve this through compassion, integrity, collaboration and a true passion to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.​

“There are many different governmental, community, religious and non-profit organizations that provide wonderful support services for individuals and families in crisis. However, there is a significant gap when it comes to coordinating and navigating assistance for services from these organizations. There is no resource that helps these same individuals develop and execute a plan to reach independence with dignity. IMPACT Phoenix believes that collaboration combined with coordination of assistance and planning strategies will positively aid people who are committed to breaking from a cycle of poverty, homelessness, incarceration or other issues.