Distinctive Difference

What Makes IMPACT Phoenix Different

IMPACT Phoenix is all about IMPACTING lives for sustainable change. We take a person-centered approach by coordinating available resources and leveraging the collective IMPACT that each of these resources can make if we all work together as partners.

There are many wonderful charities, organizations and agencies doing great work for people in need due to poverty, homelessness, recent incarceration and other issues. Unfortunately, two critical unmet needs are often overlooked.  

  1. The navigation and coordination of assistance from various agencies at the time of the person’s need as well as a collaborative approach after the need is being addressed to help individuals improve their overall circumstances.   
  2. The creation and execution of a person-centered transition plan for the individual(s) to progress to independence as well as a self-sustaining, hope-filled life.

Coordination of Assistance for Collective IMPACT

IMPACT Phoenix coordinates all the services an individual needs to work their transition plan, thus avoiding isolated intervention by well-meaning community organizations.  

A key component of coordination is access to valuable resources. IMPACT Phoenix has a locally populated Resource Directory that identifies agencies who are accepting new clients and who have been “vetted” through IMPACT Phoenix to assure the individuals we assist are matched to the proper resource and appropriate person.  

Person-Centered Transition Plan

IMPACT Phoenix approaches each individual or family to gain their trust, demonstrate that we care and show them how we can help them through a person-centered transition plan.  

The first step is to identify the individual’s “present need” and work to understand that need.  The second step is to gain an understanding of the “whole person” by analyzing 15 critical areas of their life that can IMPACT their ability to THRIVE. Once those steps are achieved, the individual and IMPACT Phoenix develop a step-by-step, person-centered transition plan focused on all aspects in their life.  This gives the individual HOPE as it shows them how to break the plan into achievable goals; identifies their responsibilities and commitments to participate; requires them to be accountable to their portion of the transition plan; paves their path to the appropriate resources; empowers them to achieve positive changes; and most important, helps all of us to celebrate together their progress towards the end goal of IMPACT Phoenix - BRINGING HOPE and CHANGING LIVES.


Become Part of the Difference

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