Resource Directory

Connecting Individuals to Resource Solutions

IMPACT Phoenix takes pride in the fact that its robust Resource Directory has been vetted for all agencies and organizations within it.

There are great resource listings available in our community.  Maricopa County Department of Public Health created Find Help Phoenix.  2-1-1 Arizona is a program of Community Information and Referral Services.  So what’s different about the IMPACT Phoenix Resource Directory?
The first major difference is that it “resides” within the MPOWR web-based, case management system.  That is important because when a life recovery plan is being created with an individual, our Change Partner can “toggle” to a resource that is specifically available to help in the particular area of the 15 critical areas of life being addressed.  There is no need to leave the working tool to reference another directory.

The second major difference is that in addition to the directory being vetted in advance, the directory will also list who should be contacted at the agency/organization and what information our client should bring to their visit.  IMPACT Phoenix knows beforehand that the agency is accepting new clients and prepares the path for their visit.  We have found that this amount of diligence in vetting a resource lessens the frustration that often times individuals experience when they are just given a list of resources and asked to call them on their own.  This process and robust Resource Directory inspires hope that someone besides IMPACT Phoenix cares about them, can help them, and can be trusted.