We Serve

Motivated Individuals & Families in Need

IMPACT Phoenix collaborates and coordinates services within our community to empower those that are most vulnerable.  IMPACT Phoenix is able to assist all in need but more specifically focuses on these populations within our community:

  • Individuals and families in or at near poverty
  • Elementary and secondary school students experiencing challenges in school and in the families
  • Individuals and families experiencing homelessness or near homelessness
  • People recently released from incarceration beginning to transition back into society

In all of the populations described above, the key ingredient that must be present is the individual’s willingness to take ownership of his/her situation and actively work to move forward toward a more self-sustaining life.


Sobering Facts

  • The Phoenix metro area had the third highest percentage of people living in poverty among the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the country in 2013 - (US Census Bureau)
  • 43% of households in Arizona are vulnerable to falling below the poverty line within three months if one of these households experiences a sudden loss of income - (Corporation for Enterprise Development Report, 2012)
  • 4 out of 5 adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on government assistance for at least parts of their lives - (2012 Associated Press Report)
  • 6,300 individuals are experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County, of which 2,600 are not sheltered-(2018 Point in Time Homeless Street Count)