I-HELP Sunnyslope

Community Collaboration

With the support of the business and government sectors of Sunnyslope, IMPACT Phoenix formed the Sunnyslope Community Faith Based Collaborative.  The first program initiated from this Collaborative is “I-HELP Sunnyslope” which assists in the efforts to reduce the number of individuals experiencing homelessness within their community.  I-HELP Sunnyslope, comprised of the faith community, human services organizations, businesses and government sectors of Sunnyslope, are united as a group working together toward this common goal.  Under the leadership and coordination of IMPACT Phoenix, the Collaborative has adopted an efficient and cost-effective approach to come along side individuals who are homeless. This person-centered, wholistic approach focuses on helping them regain stability and break the cycle of homelessness they may be experiencing. I-HELP Sunnyslope was implemented to provide a safe framework for the person experiencing homelessness to succeed. The desired outcomes are achieved because it is a goal-based, individualized plan that incorporates accountability - all at one-fifth the cost of traditional community shelter programs.  

The statistics below could paint a picture of despair or present an opportunity to give hope.

In adopting the I-HELP model, the Collaborative uses a multi-sector approach which creates and promotes the common goal around helping people change their lives. This strategy utilizes a powerful communication tool that assists the united partners to:

  • Share the MPOWR technology providing real-time information for each individual
  • Outline the measurements and step-by-step goals for each person we serve
  • Connect individuals with the right person and resource for their particular needs
  • Track their progress and results
  • Reinforce mutual activities that support the mission and vision of the program
  • Document all outcomes to clearly present program success

This community Collaborative reduces duplication of efforts and fills the gap in services provided to individuals. It improves targeting resources toward individuals motivated to improve their situation. It increases stability and reduces recidivism while reducing poverty, homelessness, truancy and crime. The initiatives of the Collaborative aim to increase the health of the overall community and their citizens.



UNITE to achieve mutually beneficial results or outcomes that one could not accomplish or achieve working independently.

Sobering Facts

  • 5,600 individuals are experiencing homelessness in Maricopa County.
  • 2,100 of the homeless are unsheltered, a 25% increase over 2016. (2017 Point in Time Homeless Street Count)
  • It is estimated that over 15% of the 2,100 live on the streets of Sunnyslope.
  • 1,300 individuals visit the Human Services Campus (shelter) in Phoenix each day. (DES Homelessness in Arizona Annual Report, 2015)
  • In the Sunnyslope community, 25.3% live below the poverty threshold, higher than the City’s average of 15.9%. (North Mountain Redevelopment Study, 2013)