I-HELP Sunnyslope


Individuals who participate in the I-HELP Sunnyslope program experience hope and inspiration for a brighter future because their:

  • Medical and mental health issues are being addressed 
  • Addictions are being treated 
  • Stabilized employment and housing are obtained 
  • Relationships are restored

In addition, the overall health of the Sunnyslope community is improved! 

Specific measurable outcomes around these issues are set each year by the Collaborative governing body.  As a guide for the first year of the initiative, the outcomes from the I-HELP Tempe and Chandler results are being used as the target.  


2017 I-HELP Sunnyslope Expected Outcomes

I-HELP Sunnyslope fully expects over 100 individuals will obtain housing annually with adequate income to support their housing cost.


Bringing Hope and Changing Lives