What is I-HELP?

Going from Homeless to Housing in 90 Days

Interfaith • Homeless • Emergency • Lodging • Program

I-HELP is a results-oriented program that provides emergency shelter for up to 25 adult men and women experiencing homelessness. Every night of the week a house of faith becomes a host site by providing the basic needs of safety, lodging, meals, and fellowship, while building relationships around trust.  Interested participants submit to a thorough intake screening process to determine if they can be successful in this type of program.  Acceptance is contingent on their willingness to work an individualized, accountability-based, results-oriented, life transition plan which includes an agreement to work toward the goal of ending their homelessness within 90 days. The celebration of successes each day provides individuals with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of value and an ability to stay focused on the next step outlined to achieve their individualized goals. This support and love of community assists participants to move toward self-sufficiency by giving them the ability to work their individualized plan during the day and provide them a safe-haven each night. 

I-HELP Sunnyslope is the fifth such initiative established in the valley and is modeled
after very successful programs in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Avondale.


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