Stabilizing people in crisis and helping transition them to independence.

Our Commitment

“Each person seeking assistance comes away with the HOPE that THEY CAN CHANGE THEIR LIFE. Most of all, they leave with a sense that someone cares about them, can help them and can be trusted."

Jim Welter, Executive Director

Jim Welter, Executive Director

IMPACT Phoenix helps individuals move from crisis to independence with a distinctive approach different than any other organization by focusing on two critical unmet needs - learn how in this short video.

Collaborative For Neighborhood Transformation

February 2, 2016

Last week I had the privilege to share a cup of coffee with Stan Rowland, Facilitator and key developer of the Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation. Neighborhood Transformation (NT) arose from Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategy,…

Technology Supported Coordination and Collaboration

January 16, 2016

Some readers of this blog will know that I recently returned from the Minneapolis area after caring for my sister who became seriously ill shortly before Christmas (hence the gap in adding to my blog postings).…

Bringing Hope……

December 16, 2015

On Friday afternoon, I received a call from a colleague and friend who, because of her background in a previous role within our State government, received a ‘distress call’ for help from a friend who had just…

Collective IMPACT

December 7, 2015

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of attending the Sunnyslope Youth and Family Partnerships Navigator Training session.  This meeting is held the 1st Thursday of each month at Open Door Fellowship Church. Sunnyslope Youth and Family Partnership…

From Furniture to Future

November 15, 2015

Two weeks ago Impact Phoenix was contacted by a director of a well known community agency to help a fellow staff member who was in crisis and one of her immediate needs was apartment furniture.…