Technology Supported Coordination and Collaboration

Some readers of this blog will know that I recently returned from the Minneapolis area after caring for my sister who became seriously ill shortly before Christmas (hence the gap in adding to my blog postings).  Coming from a healthcare background, I was impressed how today’s electronic health record technology allowed each of the 5 physician specialists to coordinate her care and collaborate on treatment.  In each meeting we had with a physician, their opening comments began with how they reviewed her electronic record, reviewed what tests had already been performed and their outcomes, and knew the plan that each of the other physicians had for her.  Therefore, tests were not duplicated, and their treatment plan, given their particular area of expertise, did not contradict or compromise the plans already in place.  I saw a coordinated and collaborative approach to helping my sister.

I couldn’t help but relate my experience to IMPACT Phoenix’s mission: to be the “go to“ resource for people in crisis who really want to change their lives through a coordinated, collaborative, person-centered approach with people they can TRUST, people who truly CARE and people who can HELP them transform their lives.  After we meet with our client to understand their presenting need, we create a wholistic plan together to help them out of their crisis toward independence and a sustainable lifestyle. IMPACT Phoenix coordinates all the services an individual needs to work their transition plan, thus avoiding isolated intervention by well-meaning community organizations.

As I write this blog, the piece that is missing from reaching our vision is having our community partners use collaborative technology.  IMPACT Phoenix uses the MPOWR™ software tool to support Collective IMPACT. This powerful software solution creates an environment where vision, knowledge, action plans and measurements are communicated and shared among all collaborative partners in real time. We’re looking for ‘a few good partners’ as early adopters to join us in using this tool to improve the lives of our collective clients.  If you can recommend a community organization that is wanting to improve the outcomes of the individuals they serve and believe that using collaborative technology can assist them in doing so, IMPACT Phoenix will be positioned to support the cost of being an early adopter.  More information can be obtained by having them contact me at

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