Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative

In late April I met a wonderful person, Danielle,  who coordinates the Bridges Out of Poverty initiative here in Phoenix, through St. Vincent de Paul.  Danielle is holding an Understanding Poverty workshop on Friday, June 23rd that I’d encourage anyone who serves individuals in poverty to attend.  Here’s the event invite link:

From St. Vincent de Paul’s Website:  “AZ Bridges is a systemic change initiative that utilizes the Bridges Out of Poverty framework in our work to end poverty in Arizona. We are open to anyone with a heart to serve, and the willingness to collaborate. At St. Vincent de Paul Phoenix, our mission is to Feed, Clothe, House, and Heal. We are dedicated to helping our neighbors in need, and to building a sustainable community where everyone lives well.”

The great thing about Bridges is the fact that this organization nationally uses the MPOWR tool that IMPACT Phoenix uses in its work to come alongside those individuals in crisis and assist them in creating a transformative person centered plan to not only get out of the crisis but also move toward a sustainable productive life.  IMPACT Phoenix looks forward to collaborating with St. Vincent de Paul.

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