Did I Say Collaboration?

I’ve blogged before (January 16, 2016) about the value of collaborative efforts in person and community transformation. At the risk of being repetitive, I write about collaboration again today because I continue to see its value play out in my interactions with individuals and families in crisis. Problems and challenges within a person’s life are rarely tied to one social, behavioral or medical factor. IMPACT Phoenix understands this and that’s why we use the MPOWR™ tool that allows individuals to receive a wholistic set of services that solves the root causes of social issues they are experiencing. To achieve wholistic care, agencies within a collaborative refer participants to the appropriate professional, based on client’s unique situations and provider’s capabilities. The MPOWR™ software then allows these agencies to safely share information and data to make the appropriate referrals for participants in the areas of safe housing, employment, behavioral health and addictions care, medical care, legal issues and more.

IMPACT Phoenix is still reaching out to community agencies to join our collaborative. If you can recommend a community organization that is wanting to improve the outcomes of the individuals they serve and believe that using collaborative technology can assist them in doing so, IMPACT Phoenix will be positioned to support the cost of being an early adopter. More information can be obtained by having them contact me at jimwelter@staging.impactphoenix.org.

I’ve recently read a great book on collaboration:  The Collaboration Handbook by Winer and Ray.  I’ve written a “Reader’s Digest” book summary, in easy to read bullet fashion, that I’d love to share with you.  Please email me at jimwelter@staging.impactphoenix.org for a copy.


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