Sunnyslope Community Faith Based Collaborative I-HELP Initiative

I was invited by Councilwoman Stark of District 3 of Phoenix to comment, at the City’s budget hearing on April 20th, on the 2017-18 City budget as it relates to providing monies for initiatives that assist individuals experiencing homelessness.  The City has budgeted to increase outreach services to those living on the street and the I-HELP initiative we’re creating in the Sunnyslope community would be an excellent resource for the outreach teams to refer those individuals they’re engaging with on the street. The Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program is a best practice model that started over 12 years ago in Tempe and is now also operating in Mesa, Chandler, and Avondale, where guests receive dinner, fellowship in a trusting environment, and lodging each night.  But most importantly, with the help of IMPACT Phoenix, they are able to create a person centered plan to move from living on the streets to affordable housing and a sustainable lifestyle. Six churches have signed up to be early adopter churches of this initiative.  When we reach seven, meaning we have each night covered to provide lodging, we will launch I-HELP in Sunnyslope. In the meantime, we’re also building the Collaborative to include our most important community resources that can assist our guests in working their plan.  I’ve attached the You Tube link to the taping of my presentation for you to learn more about this initiative.  My presentation is at the 32:10 minute mark and goes until the 35:28 minute mark.  Here’s the link:

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