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Get up to $800 in dollar-for-dollar Arizona State Tax Credit when you donate to Impact Phoenix. You no longer have to itemize to take the credit, and you can take it in addition to the foster care and school credits!

Archive for October 2015

What Does It Mean to Launch?

So what does ‘launch’ of Impact Phoenix look like? What does it entail? Our initial focus has been on creating a website. As I spoke to my friends and family about Impact Phoenix, they all asked about our website. I know when I’m introduced to a new organization, I always look to ‘kick the tires’…

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Prepare for Launch

October has been ‘preparation for launch month’ for Impact Phoenix.  Although our organization was legally formed in 2010 and our tax exempt status obtained in 2014, the founders of this great mission driven organization agreed this summer to be intentional about starting operations.  So just like we do with individuals seeking assistance from Impact Phoenix,…

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It's Time – Welcome to the Impact Phoenix Blog

I begin my first blog post with this short phrase-it’s time. Years ago I was at a conference that had a segment on increasing the awareness of your organization. The presenter said she heard of someone who made up lapel pins with these two words on it. The intent was to wear the pin to…

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