It's Time – Welcome to the Impact Phoenix Blog

I begin my first blog post with this short phrase-it’s time. Years ago I was at a conference that had a segment on increasing the awareness of your organization. The presenter said she heard of someone who made up lapel pins with these two words on it. The intent was to wear the pin to stimulate discussion when meeting new people. So because this is my first post, I thought I would use these two words to begin this discussion.

It’s time for Impact Phoenix to join our community in having a role in addressing the needs of the at risk and vulnerable populations. I am committed to using my passion, experience, and leadership skills to do what I can to 1.) Promote community collaboration and 2.) Coordinate services among government, social service agencies, and the faith community in helping the least change their lives. Together we can collectively Impact Phoenix.

I look forward to further discussion in my blog not only about what’s being done toward community collaboration and leveraging the great community resources we have, but also about how we at Impact Phoenix are building hope and changing lives. I welcome your joining me with your comments.

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