Building the Sunnyslope Community Faith Based Collaborative

You’ve read my blogs before that state how ‘collaboration’ is in the DNA of IMPACT Phoenix.  When we formed the Sunnyslope Collaborative to respond to the community’s request to assist their efforts in ending homelessness in Sunnyslope, we began to plan the launch of I-HELP Sunnyslope from the “faith community out”.  (See previous blog for explanation of I-HELP.) Today I’m excited to announce that we now have 16 community resource agencies that have joined the Collaborative.  Each one of them are committed to come along side the early adopter host churches to provide the needed services to help our guests work their wholistic plan to not only get off the street but create sustainable life change! I am humbled by how each of them have embraced the accountable, solutions based approach that IMPACT Phoenix is known for.  I look forward to bringing hope…changing lives in the Sunnyslope community.


  1. Michael Greene on August 4, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Awesome info , I was happy to” read & study up” about how Impact Phx. & I Help works & operates- and I hope I can help & be of some use & assistance in this mission. Thank you Jim & the Impact org.- that can & I believe will make a beautiful positive change in deserving people who just need some one to step up to offer a hand to get them on their feet again.
    Blessings Mike G.

    • Jim Welter on August 4, 2017 at 6:45 pm

      Mike, thanks for the kind words. You’ve ALREADY been such a huge blessing to our mission. I really appreciate your skill set! Thank you.

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