Collaborative For Neighborhood Transformation

Last week I had the privilege to share a cup of coffee with Stan Rowland, Facilitator and key developer of the Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation. Neighborhood Transformation (NT) arose from Community Health Evangelism (CHE) strategy, which is a wholistic, transformational, empowering ministry. This Neighborhood Transformation strategy raises up community based organizations, agency non-profits and churches to help people in impoverished neighborhoods take more responsibility for their own lives and then as a group begin to transform their neighborhood from the inside out. This is done by equipping people in the neighborhood to use assets that are found in their community and change what is being done in the neighborhood from doing and giving things to people to empowering them to do things for themselves. Here locally, Arizona Neighborhood Transformation, started and directed by Jeff Bisgrove, is about seeing people in communities around Arizona transform themselves out of poverty and closer to the love of God.  Their focus is in Guadalupe, Arizona but offer the capability to coach, train, and help any community in Arizona that wants to do the same thing. You can learn more about this ministry by going to IMPACT Phoenix admires what Arizona Neighborhood Transformation is doing in Guadalupe and what the Collaborative is doing throughout the world in training up communities to take responsibility for transforming their neighborhood.

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